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2001 Mercury Grand Marquis Specification


Mercury Grand Marquis  is a conservative car designed for drivers who want a reliable and economical means of transportation. It is conservative in every aspect including its engineering. It is one of the few rear wheel drive full size cars that are V8 powered in the market.

This car model is also unique because it is constructed on a detached frame. It has been designed to offer both convenience and comfort at a reasonable price. The 2001 model gives you more horsepower compared to its predecessor.

Mercury Grand Marquis

Mercury Grand Marquis Style Options

The Mercury Marquis is available in two style options, GS 4dr Sedan, which is available for about $23,000 and the LS 4dr Sedan that goes for nearly $25,000. These two style options have a 4.6 liter V8 engine. They also come with a four speed automatic transmission.

For drivers who are looking for luxury, the LS model is ideal. It comes with various luxurious features including power lumbar support, quality cloth upholstery, keyless entry system and the finest stereo. The LS model has chrome covers on the wheels. Buyers can get better equipment standards when you purchase any of these two styles in some states. But you will be required to pay a higher price for the improved equipment.

The Ford Grand Marquis features a retuned engine. The 2001 model has a better engine compared to its predecessor. Its engine offers improved peak horsepower. The engine also provides higher peak torque. It offers about 220 horsepower at around 4750 RPM in the standard single exhaust. It gives about 265 pound feet of torque at 4000 RPM.

Buyers can choose a dual exhaust car for both styles. The dual exhausts are standard in the LS model and optional on the GS one. Selecting the dual exhausts allows you to enjoy about 235 horsepower. You also get 275 pound feet of torque with two exhausts.

Optional Packages

This Mercury model also offers optional packages for the two styles. The manufacturer has streamlined the packages, making it easy for you to select a suitable car. There are two main optional packages including Premium and Ultimate Package.

The Ultimate Package offers you anti-lock brakes, quality sound system, traction control, and electronic instrumentation. You also get the Premium Package when you purchase the Ultimate option package. The Premium option comes with an electronic climate control feature, alloy wheels, automatic dimming mirror, adjustable pedals, and a steering wheel wrapped in leather.

The manufacturers also offer the adjustable pedals and anti-lock brake system separately for those who do not want to purchase an entire option package.


This Mercury model offers a lot of room. Its seats are big and thick, which makes them quite comfortable. It offers adequate room for drivers and passengers who have long legs. The car is designed to sit about six adults. It provides additional rear and front headroom compared to other models.

The car can also be adjusted to suit petite drivers. The seats are adjustable, making it easy for petite drivers to use the car.

The trunk offers about 21 Cu. Ft. of space, which is quite impressive. It has a good finish and features the best materials.


Its transmission is smooth while the engine is one of the quietest. Its braking performance is great, especially for its size. It can handle sharp corners and responds well during acceleration.

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