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2012 Ferarri 458 in Sporty Design


2012 Ferarri 458 is a modern car which has a very good performance. This car is produced by a world class manufacturer that is Ferrari. With their new product 458 Spider, Ferrari gives their consumers a high quality of car with a very good performance and appearance. This car is unveiled by Ferrari in Tokyo. For the exterior design of this car, there is a red colored body painting. This car also has a convertible design to make it looks more beautiful.

Interior Design of Ferrari 458 Spider

For the interior of this car, there are seats which have a very comfortable design and material. Those seats only can contain up to 2 passengers. Even though this car only contains up to 2 passengers, this car still gives us a spacious space. For the chauffeur, there is a very comfortable steering wheel. About the dashboard, there is a user – friendly design. It can ease us in control this 2012 Ferarri 458. Besides having a good interior design, this car also has many interesting features.

Engine and System Control on steering Wheel

There are many things which can be controlled form the steering wheel. They are manettino, integrates suspension control, stability control, shifter system control, and also traction control. Those are very useful because we can control many things just in an integrated device. Besides that, the steering wheel also allows users to choose the optimum setting for the condition. Besides having interesting feature of system and engine control, this car also has interesting entertainment system in this car. You can also read 2013 Ford Escape for Dramatic Coolest Car.

2012 Ferarri 458

2012 Ferarri 458 Engine

2012 Ferarri 458 Picture

This car has CD/ MP3setreo with 30 gigabytes HDD and Bluetooth wireless. About the engine, this car has V8 engine with 4.5 liter capacity. By that engine, this car can produce 570 HP at 9,000 rpm. Because of that power, this car can runs from 0 – 60 mph only in 3.5 seconds. What an amazing acceleration from 2012 Ferarri 458.

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