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2012 LadaXray Concept with Unique New Design


2012 LadaXray Concept is a car which is designed in a new design. This car gives us different style of a Sport Utility Vehicle for car. This car comes with a luxurious outside view on this car. We can find a metallic brown colored body. That is a very stylish exterior design. There are also headlights which are mounted horizontally.

About the interior of this car, there are four high quality seats in this 2012 LadaXray Concept car. The dashboard of this car is also user – friendly enough. On the steering wheel, there is a dark brown color and three silver posts. The center of this steering wheel is also colored with brown color.

In this interior of this car, there is also an audio control on its dashboard. The control looks very simple and it will ease us control the audio even when driving. There is also a LCD which has 8 inch size. Overall, the appearance of this 2012 LadaXray Concept is good enough.

2012 Lada Xray Concept

2012 Lada Xray Concept Interior

2012 Lada Xray Concept Rear View

About the engine under the hood of this car will be very powerful for us. This car will be very suitable for us who want to have a SUV car with an elegant appearance by having this 2012 LadaXray Concept.

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