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2013 Porsche Cayman became the next generation of Porsche to continue the fighting of 2012 Boxster for the sports car competition in the 2013 market. As a hardtop class, the new Cayman is a good start in the next summer selling. The platform is still with the flat-four as with the same base engine power train to supports its performance. The power that generated by the engine reached 265-hp with […]

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Those wishing to drive a compact car whose origin is from the past eras, Dodge Aspen must be the best answer. The car is very old since it is actually from the 1970s. The car was produced in many different models and even today, it is still quite popular amongst people, especially those who know about cars. In essentials, Dodge Aspen is available in more than a single model but […]

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Justin Bieber Car has some reviews in the news that related to the car accident that involved JB. The car has a billion investment dollars for the improvements of the performance and safety driving.  The name of the JB car is Fisker Karma that has the feature of a plug in hybrid as a new city car concept. The news about the production of the car will be less in […]

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When talking about Nissan’s great cars to be released in 2014, Nissan Maxima 2014 will be one of those cars. This car will come with a newly improved design that offers a stunning look no matter how you look at it. The design will involve a quite smooth styling that is amazingly pleasing to the eyes. The design itself will be supported by SpecD LED taillights that come in a […]

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Those who need to carry a lot of loads can just go and purchase Dodge Ram 2014. It’s a modern truck with a lot of powers to offer. Being a modern type of truck, this vehicle will offer many kinds of modern things and function to drivers. For instance, the truck will come in a modern design that is totally different with the trucks from the past. Aside from the […]

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2014 Ferrari FF is one of the latest Ferrari variants that rumored to hit the market in 2013 and become the main competitor of McLaren. The new feature is including the shooting brake styling for the FF with sporty lines. The other improvement in the dimension including trunk space that changed from the traditional supercar into a future super car. The debut issued to be the model with lower price […]

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When talking about great modern trucks, 2013 Dodge Ram will definitely be one of the best. This modern truck is quite tall and it has big tow hooks installed. In addition, being a vehicle whose main function is to bring loads, this truck will be equipped with great machinery as well. The first item included in the machinery of 2013 Dodge Ram that we have to consider is the new […]

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