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2013 Dodge Ram as an Incredible Dodge Truck


When talking about great modern trucks, 2013 Dodge Ram will definitely be one of the best. This modern truck is quite tall and it has big tow hooks installed. In addition, being a vehicle whose main function is to bring loads, this truck will be equipped with great machinery as well.

The first item included in the machinery of 2013 Dodge Ram that we have to consider is the new V6 engine. The engine produces great power and it will be paired with an automatic eight speeds transmission. However, despite using great power, the truck will not lose against many other cars in term of fuel economy since 20% increased fuel economy will be applied to the truck.

Not just the machinery, great suspensions will also be applied to the truck where a new system called the air-ride system will be installed. The system offers five modes including the aero, normal, off road 1 and 2, as well as park mode giving 2013 Dodge Ram a very great feature to boast. You can also read 2014 Volvo XC70 in this site.

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2013 Dodge Ram Diesel

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2013 Dodge Ram

In addition, some reliable features will also be installed in the interior. The array of features itself will include new climate control interfaces, multimedia system, as well as infotainment system and a rotary shifts selector. 2013 Dodge Ram will surely be a great modern truck people can buy in 2013.

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