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2013 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty Advanced Features


2013 Ram heavy Duty Currently offers heavy duty that are new truck line featured with the best in towing and Gross Combined Weight Rating classes. 2013 Dodge Ram adds many new features, as well as associate all-new interiors, next-generation U connect Access, Power net, new frames and new suspension.

About 2013 Ram heavy Duty, the president and business executive of Ram Truck, Fred Diaz — Chrysler group LLC aforementioned that to answer the wants and desires of our customers, Ram Truck has taken an enormous leap forward in capability whereas rising cost of possession and efficiency.

The 2013 Ram heavy Duty permits you to push and pull over any rival, and therefore the truck appearance nice doing it with new exterior style cues associated an all-new interior that includes our latest technology. For 2013, Ram serious Duty trucks feature new frames designed with high-strength fifty KSI steel, as well as eight separate cross-members, hydro formed main rails and totally boxed rear rails for optimum strength and mass potency.

2013 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty

2013 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty Picture

2013 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty Wheel

Wider front frame rails (approximately one in. per side; 2 inches overall) alter front suspension springs to be positioned slightly outboard, associate enabler for generating a lot of positive roll stiffness. A replacement front suspension cross member is currently a two-piece welded element between the front shaft and oil pan. That’s all about 2013 Ram heavy Duty.

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