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2013 Ferrari 458 Italia as an Astonishing Sport Car


Those with great liking on the range of sport cars built by Ferrari should consider taking a look at 2013 Ferrari 458 Italia. Coming as a two-passenger sport car, this car will surely be amongst the best sport cars we get to see in 2013. Being a sport car, the car employs a powerful engine to live up to its name.

The engine installed in 2013 Ferrari 458 Italia is the great 4.5 L V8 engine that can manage to produce 570 horse powers and 398 lb ft torque. The power itself will come in pair with the automatic dual-clutch seven speed gearbox type of transmission that really suits the concept of a sport car.

The combination of the engine and transmission itself will enable the car to dash to 60 mph in over 3 seconds. With the high speed acceleration, 2013 Ferrari 458 Italia can also run in a super high speed in which the top speed of the car is 203 miles per hour making it an extremely super fact sport car. You can also read 2013 BMW 3 Series Sedan in this site.

2013 Ferrari 458 Italia

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2013 Ferrari 458 Italia Review

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In line with the excellent engine, the car will also come with leather upholstery, xenon headlamps, a climate control which is automatic, Bluetooth, as well as keyless entry. In addition, adaptive headlights, audio packages, and race seats are also available making 2013 Ferrari 458 Italia one of the most excellent sport cars in 2013.

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