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2013 Lexus ES Offers Considerable Power and Sportiness


If you like a car that offers a considerably great power, as well as sportiness, 2013 Lexus ES is probably a great car for you. This unit, especially the 350 version, comes with a quite sporty design which is applied to the body. Aside from coming with a sporty design, however, this Lexus is also coming with excellent features.

The array of features that this 2013 Lexus ES is going to bring and then offer to its drivers can include the 3.5L version of V6 that is going to be installed in this Lexus. This engine is quite strong and it can produce 268 hp, along with 248 lb-ft of torque which will definitely be very useful during drives.

To complement the V6 engine, an FWD system is also going to be available and accessible in this model of 2013 Lexus ES. Also coming alongside the FWD system, a 6-speed version of automatic transmission is going to be installed in this Lexus as well, and combined with other features this transmission can present great performance. You can also read 2013 GMC Yukon in this site.

2013 Lexus ES

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As for the great performance, this Lexus can accelerate from the starting zero to 60 mph in only 7.1 seconds. In addition, a 21 city mpg, as well as a 31 highway mpg will also be offered by this Lexus unit. 2013 Lexus ES is a really sporty and reliable Lexus unit.

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