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2013 Mini Countryman: A Mature Choice


2013 Mini Countryman has been mentioned as a brave strategy shift the European company took for advance. The successor to 2012 Mini Cooper ignited disappointment due to distinct different in look and size. This might not a big deal for the brand that has raised popularity worldwide in last two years. Since people love to taste small but powerful car that is still stylish, Mini took the opportunity and succeed the long way to market.

2013 Mini Countryman Visual Strength

One thing that makes Mini jump on to shiny leaves of good marketing around the world is because it has visual strength from the rooftop to the white lines on the dark red basic painting. Another strong touch might come from the all-wheel drive that can run at 121 horsepower with its 1.6 liter turbocharged engine. This is a balanced power with 6-speed standard manual gearbox. The suit makes 2013 Mini Countryman as a powerful small car for the city roads.

The ability of this car to load at least 4 passengers suits the market of a city car that is reliable for common situation. When trend of small cars is going better today, market of 2013 Mini Countryman will still on good shift, making a clear mark on asphalt also good impression with its retro visual touch. You might also read 2013 Seat Leon: Beats the VW Golf.

2013 Mini Countryman

2013 Mini Countryman Image

2013 Mini Countryman Engine

2013 Mini Countryman Future Run

Will be officially released to market in early 2013, the brand new gear from European manufacturer brand will still be hunted. There are differences for each edition makes Mini maintain its good trend in retro city cars market with near zero competitors. Nothing compares with the smooth run this brand is taking on the street. With its charming interior with round classic speedometer and flat humble roof, the market future run for this 2013 Mini Countryman will be fairly mature.

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