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2013 Pontiac GTO and Market Changes


2013 Pontiac GTO has reached its fourth generation in product manufacturing. Since built by General Motors in 1964, this classic brand of muscle class automobile has grown and took place in important American market. But some kinds of shift occur in these last decades automobile market. People need cars as not only as vehicle but also part of lifestyle and dignity. Pontiac seems to follow the changes, but it is not enough to get back on track.

Automatic Transmissions Rule

2013 Pontiac GTO on the day of its first appearance as first generation muscle car broke down the asphalt with two-door body and low-key wheels. Automobile industry in 1960s was still controlled by big company like GM while Ford were still trying to build a coupe and Italians were too busy to compete each other. Muscle car came into market offering hard tops and convertibles that was considered as one of high class and street trendsetter. Not to mention wild-budget communities who adore exclusivity and some bold accents on the hood.

When competitors copied the idea of coupe class car, Pontiac made its own marks. By maintaining vertically stacked quad headlights and improving gear to 4-speed manual transmission, competitors started to think to go automatic. As market starts to spot female buyers, friendly user cars stand beside the muscle with totally different demand focus. You might also read 2013 Nissan Almera Changes.

2013 Pontiac GTO

2013 Pontiac GTO Exterior

2013 Pontiac GTO Picture

International Sale to Gain

Pontiac rules inside American markets. Even when Ford is trying to take place on the top of international sale, this GM division doesn’t want to put its market too far. When Holden Monaro gave GM significant profit after 18.000 units sold entire Pacific Asia, the idea of international sale is not a big deal to worry about. 2013 Pontiac GTO is still American products, and its two foots still managed to step deeply in the west people land of muscle style.

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