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2013 Seat Leon: Beats the VW Golf


2013 Seat Leon is a new competitor for VW Golf. The Leon is quite good and has lower price than VW Golf. If you want to buy a hatchback car with 5 doors, the Leon may be considered. This car is practical enough and the appearance is not bad.

2013 Seat Leon Types

2013 Seat Leon has 2 types, they are TDI and TSI. The 1.6 TDI need 3.9 liters for 100 km. The CO2 rating is equal to 99 gram per km. The 2.0 TDI consuming 4.1 liters fuel per 100 km. The newest type of TDI that launch in the beginning of the year 2013 will consume 4.1 liters for 100 km and the emission range is around 108 gram per km. The 1.4 TSI featured with turbocharged power system and direct injections. The machine will use 5.2 liters for 100 km, and emit the CO2 gas 120 gram/km. In the early 2013, there will be launch a 1.4 TSI with adjoining engine for Seat Leon. The machine will need 5.2 liters for 100 km and CO2 emit 119 gram per km.

2013 Seat Leon Features

The 2013 Seat Leon has a good safety designs. It’s hard to say that the car has a bad safety system. The Leon featured with 7 airbags, alongside with anti-lock bracing and also the electronic stability control. The car doesn’t get the rating from EuroNCAP, but it is expected to reach the maximum score for safety. The car also featured with driving assistance system. The system can recognize the concentration control of the driver and warn the driver to take a rest. The Leon design is smart and not luxury. The car seat is made by plastic and it is good enough, except the dashboard side. The dashboard plastic layered is bit awful. We can discuss about¬†2013 KTM X-Bow R Special Roofless in this site.

2013 Seat Leon

2013 Seat Leon Engine

2013 Seat Leon Interior

The Leon’s dashboard is much easier to use than the VW Golf. The design is multifunction with the adjoining rev-counter and speedometer. The infotainment display screen is spacing quite at the top and higher than the VW. This way makes it easy to use. You don’t need to stoop your head just to see the display. So, are you still considering choosing 2013 Seat Leon over VW Golf?

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