2013 Seat Leon for a Sharper Look


Are you wondering about 2013 Seat Leon? After being released in Paris Motor Show, people keep searching and collecting some information about the car. Design, power engine, and price are three important points that people are talking about. Well, the article is here to feed your hunger of its information. The three points will be discussed slightly so that you are able to give your personal score to the car.

Design of 2013 Seat Leon

Discussing the design of 2013 Seat Leon, it is interesting to involve both interior and exterior part in it. This car is coming with five doors, five side doors and also a back door in its hatchback. Distinctive and stylish LED in rear and front lights make the car more impressive compared to other competitors. FR model is applied in the car. You are able to know it from the sportier bumper. Another positive impression is obtained from the recess of tailgate and the bumper.

For the interior, the car is guaranteed having spacious legroom and cabin. Five passengers will be able to feel contented there. In the previous series, the car is presented in less qualified materials. Some reviewers are strong in talking about the negativity. Then, the manufacturer does some upgrades for the interior. Your sitting will be so contented since you have more space for legroom and headroom. Your trip will not be so torturing. You can also read 2012 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion Concept with Spacious Interior.

2013 Seat Leon

2013 Seat Leon Interior

2013 Seat Leon Release Date

Launching and Price of 2013 Seat Leon in the Market

After talking about the design, you may be interested in knowing the price and when the car will be available in the market. You should be patient as well since you will never get the car until February. If you are going to take the car home, you have to wait for it till that month. For the price, the car costs £15,670. 2013 Seat Leon comes with diesel which supportive for speedy driving.

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