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2013 Skoda Rapid as a Reliable Skoda Compact Saloon


Those who need a reference for a good compact saloon, 2013 Skoda Rapid may make a good choice. Built by Skoda, this compact saloon will sport an expressive design. The expressive design itself will be accompanied by lots of room, as well as efficient engine and some great features.

As how it was elaborated earlier, 2013 Skoda Rapid will sport an expressive design which offers roomy space, as well as great engine. The engine that will be installed in this compact saloon itself will cover a range of four petrol type of engines and two sets of diesel engines.

The petrol engines that will be available in 2013 Skoda Rapid will offer power that ranges from the 1.2L version of MPI three-cylinder that produces 75 hp to the stronger 1.4L engine that offers 122 hp. On the other hands, the diesel engines will produce power which ranges from 90 hp to 105 hp. You can also read 2013 Cadillac CTS Sport Sedan the Updated Performance.

2013 Skoda Rapid

2013 Skoda Rapid Top View

2013 Skoda Rapid Rear View

More Images of 2013 Skoda Rapid :

In addition to offering some efficient engines, this compact saloon will also offer active, as well as passive type of safety package to drivers. Offering considerable excellence to people, 2013 Skoda Rapid is certainly a good choice of reliable Skoda compact saloon that we can take in the year of 2013.

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