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2013 Tesla Model S the Real Electric Car


2013 Tesla Model S is real electric car that will give you luxury driving with its great sporty model. This car is the best latest model for entertaining and real drive or road off. You can manage the speed suitable to the condition in highway or crowded traffic. This car has 3 batteries packs that will be available for 160 miles for every 40 kWh battery pack. The new design of this car including 5 jump seats is available for comfort leather seat and fit body position.

Fact of 2013 Tesla Model S

All new features that have mentioned above are about best service car that 2013 Tesla Model S offered to its driver. New jump seats design, the recharged battery and high speed engine up to 416 hp for the best proof of high quality engine of this latest Tesla car model. Price is starting by $84,900 to get this super exclusive car. Driving by the high entertaining will be best experience awhile you drive with this car.

You can show that the great performance of AC auto car with torque of 325 pound feet performance of 16,000 rpm. The 21 inches wheel drive will be great tires for all kinds of landing and whole season. This car will be the best icons of modern luxurious electric sedan for family that will make your driving seem so elegant. The mobile charger can be easily use for charging the lithium battery with for refuel the car. We can discuss about 2013 Tesla S the New Luxury Electric Car Model in this site.

2013 Tesla Model S

2013 Tesla Model S Interior

2013 Tesla Model S Wheel

Best Icon of Modern Electric Car

You can charge the car with the range of time for about 4-8 hours depend to the voltage rate of the garage circuit you are using for charge it. The model of body car weight is 4650 pounds with thousands battery pack installed under the interior cabin. The small and slim body design of car will make a sensation for the passenger whose inside because the gravitation is added by the half thousands battery pack that planted under the floor. 2013 Tesla Model S will become favorite electric car for family.


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