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2013 Tesla Roadster Best Performance


2013 Tesla Roadster is one of the favorite brands of the electric car and the engine use the Tesla’s IPO. The other new elements use the filing that includes the SEC for the new electric car designs. The other new thing for the new Roadster is the indecipherable legalese for its performance. The buyers will be interested in the design of the product with the new features.

Since the brilliant debut in December of 2011 the Teslas beginning to continue the design of the Roadster with the new gliders theme.  The new chassis with the new body trim designed by the Lotus and new exhaust system for the new 2013 Tesla Roadster.

The main changes include the total of 2,400 gliders with the right decorations of the panels. Since the first product arrived in the market until production of the Model S that back then in the 2012. The new Roadster is aimed to be the next generation Tesla car that will invade the Asian road and European streets. The new 2013 Tesla Roadster is including the all-new platform for safety driving. You can also read 2013 Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe in this site.

2013 Tesla Roadster Concept

2013 Tesla Roadster Controler

2013 Tesla Roadster Modified

2013 Tesla Roadster Redesign

2013 Tesla Roadster Review

2013 Tesla Roadster Spy

2013 Tesla Roadster Tesla

2013 Tesla Roadster Wheel

2013 Tesla Roadster

The basic models that generated to be the new Roadster was begin from the Model S with the basically the same architecture as the different products on the different market segments. The new design has great accents of compact car with the marvelous performance offered in acceleration and speed in the new 2013 Tesla Roadster.

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