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2013 Tesla S the New Luxury Electric Car Model


2013 Tesla S is reaching great sale achievement because when the promotion of this car in official website take a place. The line order is getting spread up and up that make the car deadline production getting sold out before the production getting over itself. This car is priced at $105,400 with greatest design performance and high quality of auto electric motor machine device. This electric car is become popular and hunted by everybody in the whole world. No matter the expensive design, 2013 Tesla is very deluxe and precious electric car.

Performance of 2013 Tesla S

New model of worthy Tesla S as the Tesla base model S is giving the slim sport car with great point of machine and the psychical design itself.  The first 1,000 item vehicles has ordered and will be launched to the owner who has debuted the sold of $5000 to the company for ordering this car since it just introduced by the official website of Tesla. This sale will be proudly sales at June 22 on 2013. The base model of 2013 Tesla S as 3 batteries pack of 40 kWh for 300 miles distance for the full battery fuel.

The other features that will be very functional and helpful are the LCD touchscreen on the monitor control cabin for navigation and driving machine system. The 4 active wheel drives are sized at 19 inches tires and will run out so fast for all landscape Medan. This car exterior designed so slim and solid shape. The car performance is very good for modern family to fill full of the transportation need every day. This car is very innovative and very friendly to environments. You might also read 2013 Cadillac CTS-V with 6.2 Liter V8 Engine.

2013 Tesla S

2013 Tesla S Wheel

2013 Tesla S Interior

Best New Feature of 2013 Tesla S

The great battery system will be very effective and innovative electric car. The new LCD with touch screen display monitor, Carbon fiber material of the exterior body, new wheels model, new suspension of the active air, new extra traction control of sport tune will make this car can help other car by the connector. Started at $49,000 in USA will make this 2013 Tesla S become the king of electric luxury car.

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