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Nissan Murano 2013 seems to be favorite family vehicle with smooth power train, not too big for storage and driveway, and consistent design on both exterior and interior. As like other urban crossover car, this Murano by Nissan has elegant and cute design suiting the urban road condition. The performance of this car is great enough for the beginner. Comfortable becomes the best impression comes from many people who have […]

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Amongst the next year’s car releases, the release of 2013 Jaguar XF must be one of the most stunning ones. This car is a great Jaguar car built in a great design with stunning linings and color options. The design itself will be quite sporty with a rather slim body. The slim body of 2013 Jaguar XF will be paired with highly sporty wheels and of course, a set of […]

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You may find that 2012 Hyundai Tucson is not as big as other competitors. However, do you know that you will get some benefits from that weakness? Looking from the exterior, you probably get that the car is really tiny and slim. But, after opening the door, you will know that the cabin of 2012 Hyundai Tucson is quite spacious. In addition, the cabin is class and stylish. Here are […]

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Britain is known for building all manner of cars for manufactures all over the world, but the country hardly has its own brands. The most popular one known around the world is the Range Rover however, there are still a few left and one such brand is the Morgan. The Morgan is not your conventional car manufacturer, it aims to create cars using traditional techniques fused with modern materials. At […]

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2013 Mazda 6 wagon is the new car which created to get together the harmony between the driver and the road which was taken. This is the new and fabulous car which people can hardly wait to drive because of all the fabulous design and the safety driving system. With this car, Mazda prove to the world that they are having an ability to create the new modern car with […]

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2013 Opel Insignia OPC is revealing the latest design for the public eyes with the advanced exterior design. The new design is creating the higher standard for the Insignia with the drastic facelift and the engine upgrades. The new Insignia is designed to be the biggest capacity from Opel and became the first of the OPC version for the 2013 market. The new Insignia started the debut with new sedan […]

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The new Range Rover is probably the most waited car for the Land Rover 2012. It is always fascinating to get information about great car that already released in the market. We need this kind of information to compare with other car that has same specification. The new series of Range Rover information is one of the examples. In the Land Rover 2012 the range rover has new feature to […]

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