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2013 Mercedes-Benz E300 as the runaway super speedy car that very famous and always keep its high quality of all the cars. New edition of Mercedes-Benz car that making by new super high fuel efficient and new exclusive design of E-class showed it just need 4liter/100km and CO2 emission give 109 gram per kilometer. The speed test makes a result of 7 seconds to reach 0-219 mph for the speed […]

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Lexus Lf-Lc become the first design that begins at the 2012 that held in Detroit, Michigan. The new concept that presented by the automakers is the dream of a new sports car with compact design. The new demanded Lexus customers begin to build the model for the next year production model for US and world market. The new design that presented by Lexus is finally released the model with the […]

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2012 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion concept is coming with some upsides which cannot be rejected by customers. If you are wandering and trying to find a good automobile presented in a spacious room design, you will find that facility in the car. That is officially launched in Paris Auto Show at the first time. Being packaged with milky white color, this car looks incredibly sporty then. Here are some other points […]

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2013 Volkswagen Golf is a product of a car manufacturer. This car has a very contemporary design with a luxurious car design. The appearance on the outlook of this car gives us a new modern style of a car. This Volkswagen Golf was designed in a stylish design so it is very suitable for us. The interior of this car gives us an elegant look. We can see on its […]

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Mercury Grand Marquis  is a conservative car designed for drivers who want a reliable and economical means of transportation. It is conservative in every aspect including its engineering. It is one of the few rear wheel drive full size cars that are V8 powered in the market. This car model is also unique because it is constructed on a detached frame. It has been designed to offer both convenience and comfort […]

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When one hears the automobile Alfa Romeo 147, the words that often come to mind are luxury, comfort and style. The Italian made compact car has been in the market for over ten years, from 2000 to 2010. This makes it one of the oldest sold small family cars in Europe and most of the times reliable. The Sleek Stylish Alfa Romeo 147 It boasts of a fuel capacity of […]

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2013 Kia Sorento EU-Version is coming with some sophistication that you cannot reject. The sophistication is dealing with the design and engine performance. You are able to see all of the good sides will be discussed in this article. If you are a big fan of Kia then you are going to buy this car as a private car, you must need some points to make you sure with the […]

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