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One of today’s most expected Mercedes-Benz units is perhaps the luxurious and excellent 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL Class. This Mercedes-Benz will come with a bulky and elegant body which emits a notion of luxury no matter where people might look at it from. The elegant body of 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL Class itself will also be supported by a set of comfortable, as well as quite seating which will without doubt provide […]

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For people who are deeply into Audi’s coupes, 2014 Audi TT Coupe might be one of the models to refer to and buy. This coupe will come as a 2+2 coupe with a quite sporty design and a stunning color scheme. The coupe itself will come with LED lighting applied to both the taillights and the headlights. Aside from the LED lighting, sporty wheels may also be present to improve […]

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2013 Infiniti FX Vettel Edition is actually planned to sell in the US market. But, some sort of regulatory problems make the plan cancelled. So, the car will sell in Europe, Middle East, and Russia market. The parent company of this car, Nissan, already confirmed that Infiniti FX Vettel will sell 150 units starts in March 2013. The name of the car is inspired by the name of F1 racer, […]

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2013 Mini Countryman has been mentioned as a brave strategy shift the European company took for advance. The successor to 2012 Mini Cooper ignited disappointment due to distinct different in look and size. This might not a big deal for the brand that has raised popularity worldwide in last two years. Since people love to taste small but powerful car that is still stylish, Mini took the opportunity and succeed […]

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Honda 2012 Sports Car is a great looking car with the perfect face lift including some of the top sold car from Honda like Honda Fit that become a big hit in US market. The other top sold car is Jazz that actually the other name of FIT that becomes a trend in Asian countries. The innovation that started since 2001, always presented the eager character and compact design. The […]

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For truck-lovers, Isuzu D-Max from the largely celebrated truck manufacturing company, Isuzu is a highly capable, sturdy and dependable pick-up that will never let you down on load-carrying, towing capabilities and off the road performance. This new Isuzu model sees the introduction of a host of new features, more comfort and safety advances one could have barely imagined some years ago. If you are in the market in search of […]

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Corvette Grand Sport Convertible car as one of the convertible, this car do has a potential. The improvements on the technology and the new steering wheel are a great improvement for the performance. The changes also occur inside the interior with the new dimension that can be great features for the marketing. The theme for this marketing campaign is the British winter that has a good touch for Corvette Grand […]

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