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When searching for a car with considerable great power, Ferrari F12 is definitely one of the best alternatives to choose. The reason for its power, however, is all thanks to its excellent engine that can produce up to 730 horse power when started. The engine that supports the great power of Ferrari F12 itself is actually a V12 engine. It is a highly powerful engine which, aside from producing 730 […]

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2013 Infiniti IPL G Coupe is the newly launched for a single model that become the icon of Infinity. The coupe design is the one that become the trend today beside the hatchback and sedan. The new engine delivers a powerful G37 coupe that finally came as IPL G coupe, the latest version of the G37. The other variant that ready to release is the convertible that become the best […]

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For Mercedes-Benz lovers out there, the arrival of 2012 Mercedes-Benz C350 4Matic is probably one of the most expected things in their lives. This unit will be released this year and a lot of great features will come in this Mercedes-Benz-built unit. A lot of features that this 2012 Mercedes-Benz C350 4Matic is going to bring will include a 3.5L 4-valve type of 302hp-propelling piece of engine which will be […]

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2013 Alpina BMW B7 is the newest brand of BMW. The exterior of this car is looked as a decent. Calm looks with the sportier bumper at the front side, the special rear spoiler and also the four butch exhaust port pipes and the 21 inch of alpine classic wheels are the description of this alpine new car brand. Similar with the exterior looks, the interior of 2013 Alpina BMW […]

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2013 Ram heavy Duty Currently offers heavy duty that are new truck line featured with the best in towing and Gross Combined Weight Rating classes. 2013 Dodge Ram adds many new features, as well as associate all-new interiors, next-generation U connect Access, Power net, new frames and new suspension. About 2013 Ram heavy Duty, the president and business executive of Ram Truck, Fred Diaz — Chrysler group LLC aforementioned that to […]

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People who want to get access to a good vehicle for their touring activities may need BMW 525 TDS. This BMW car is quite good and it proves great for any kinds of touring. The great feat itself is thanks to the range of great features available in the car. The features, of course, involve many things and the first one to note is without doubt its engine. The engine […]

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Dahiatsu Terios is quite a fun car with a certain toy-like charm to its appearance, and it is reasonably solidly constructed. The other thing going for it is that it’s cheap to buy. The Daihatsu Terios is very compact, as off-roaders go, and it can handle some mildly rough terrain; it’s suitable for those living in inaccessible areas or who have to deal with severe weather conditions, and it’s cheaper […]

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