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2013 Hyundai Sonata came with the new design to be the new transformation of the Hyundai car to be the new balance of acceleration. The new feature of performance and the new rehabilitation is aimed for the new market of 2012 and 2013. The new Sonata is to be in the league of higher performance cars with better features inside it. The new power train is using the basic direct-injection […]

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2013 Acura ILX Endurance Racer is the race car produced by Honda. This car was first introduced in Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) auto show in September 2012 in Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. The race car is modified from luxury sedan for racing at the 25 Hours of Thunder hill endurance in Willows, California. 2013 Acura ILX Endurance Racer Modifications 2013 Acura ILX Endurance Racer is made […]

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The new 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Spyder is a great start from Lamborghini that became the main models after the innovation of the eight years debut in the sports car class. The new design is presenting the more flavors to be the next generation of the sports car. The new trend has inspired the new styling from the Italian automaker to released the new variant with sporty accents. The […]

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Porsche Cayman Cabrio shares a lot of its mid-engine automatics with the 2nd generation Boxster, however it’s more inflexible structure results in an even more proficient driving machine. The Cayman combines sharp, reactive handling, terrific braking ability and an option of two engines which will excitedly sing since they slingshot you down the right away. The mid-engine Porsche Cayman Cabriois presented in three editions: the base Cayman, Cayman S, lightweight […]

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Noble Automotive had introduced a hand built British super car in Leicestershire under the name of Nobel M600. A twin turbo charged Volvo V8 engine is used in this vehicle made from carbon fiber and stainless steel. Noble M600 Transmission And Engine The power of 4439 cc 60-degree Yamaha-derived Volvo B8444S V8 engine used in this vehicle from Nobel has been increased by equipping it with twin Garrett turbochargers. This […]

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When talking about fastest car in the world, we can’t help but think about a car that employs a great deal of excellent features that greatly support its high speed. Before going into the details, let us start by identifying the world fastest car first. The car that is well known as the fastest in the world is Bugatti Veryon Super Sport. The reason for why Bugatti Veryon Super Sport […]

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Talking about coming soon cars, including 2013 Honda Fit EV, are sure to be a quite interesting for you. It is especially if you are a person who is quite interested in the world of automotive. Here is some best information about the car released officially by its own manufacturer company, Honda. In the official web page of Honda, there is some information about a coming-soon-car named 2013 Honda Fit […]

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