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BMW has actually just recently introduced model BMW X1 in India. It is the most inexpensive and tiniest SUV from the business. The automobile is based upon the 3-series platform. It is priced at 2.2-3 millions. The price is playing an essential duty for the SUV. The middle course households are delighted to purchase a luxury SUV. The upper course individuals are stating this model will not satisfy Company’s requirements. […]

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2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 is a limited edition of super spectacular racing car from high best brand series of Mercedes Benz with black racing car edition. It is t he proof of the working of ultra performance for super high performance of racing car. New smaller design of black racing car makes this design as best luxurious racing car. The ultimate speed made by this car series up to […]

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2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT F1 Safety Car is about the new and ultra modern real safety car which can also being considered as the new version of the safety car. So, you will always feel safe and on a high level of comfortable feeling when you riding on this car. The real concept about this safety car is because of the new usage for a new construction of the […]

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2013 Land Rover Defender is the most interesting evolution in land rover car model a new 2.2-litre diesel engine that could delivers total 120 HP and 265 lbs-ft from 0 to 60 mph in 14.7 second with 90 mph top speed, a ventilated discs, detailed to improve new option pack of its interior. 2013 Land Rover Defender will give you the addition of two new body colors, Barolo Black and Havana, […]

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A strong sports car that we have to consider driving next year is without doubt the powerful 2013 Porsche Boxster S. This Porsche is a sports car and it comes with a lot of excellence to be offered to its drivers. The excellence that this sports car offers will involve, of course, its engine. The engine of 2013 Porsche Boxster S constitutes a 3.4L Flat-6 piece of engine which is […]

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Today, one of the cars that people expect the most is probably the new 2013 Aston Martin Rapide S. Planned to be released in 2013, this unit is definitely one of the many that people look forward to. This car will surely come with great specifications and a great design will definitely be offered as well. The great specifications that 2013 Aston Martin Rapide S is going to offer will […]

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If you fancy cars, then you must have realized that the Land Rover LR4 is an unbeatable brand out there. Regardless of your location and the nature of the terrain, the LR4 is a smart vehicle. It is a perfect complement of the present day lifestyle. Land Rover LR4: Basic Highlights A lot of good things have been said about this make. It assumes modern features which include: It has a gas-engine […]

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