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2012 Volvo V40 is the new hatchback that can be the next bestselling car in U.S. and competing with BMW and Audi series.  The new competitor is the variants of A3 Sport-backs and became the next line up to compete with Mercedes that launched in the A-Class. The debut is started in the U.S. from 2012 till 2014for the Volvo market. The innovation to be the next 16 years is […]

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2013 Infiniti M35h GT is the latest version of the Infiniti that ready to hit the market with the best features inside it. The new variant of M35h GT is already on the showrooms and arrives on the shows Centres in July to be the new commodity from Infinity. The new design is still based on the M the line-up to be the new trends from GT series. The new […]

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The BMW M3 will have new series which is BMW M4. The M4 is the variant of the BMW M series. We may already know about the BMW M3. This car is the one that used in the game of ‘Need for Speed: Most Wanted’. This car is the ultimate car that has been chase by the entire wild racer because it is the best car. I still remember about […]

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