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A Review Of The 2010 Mercury Mountaineer


The 2010 Mercury Mountaineer car offers a bit of luxury along with the its utility capabilities. It’s perfect for those who need to tow or haul on a regular basis and are looking for a vehicle that can also double as a family car. The off-road performance of this mid-size SUV has been quite satisfactory and it is also very decently priced. While the fuel efficiency and driving comfort might not be as good as other cars in this segment, power-wise the Mercury beats out all competition. The seating is also spacious and the extra third row can be easily used by adults.

2010 Mercury Mountaineer Premier

Features Of Mercury Mountaineer:

1. It comes with either a 4-liter V6 or a 4.6-liter V8 engine. Two or four-wheel drive options are available for each of these engines. The V8 coupled with a 4 wheel drive is sure to provide enough power for any towing purposes. The engine offers up to 210 HP at 5100 RPM and a torque power of 245 lb-ft at 3700 RPM.

2. The transmission is a smooth 5 speed automatic.

3. The fuel efficiency isn’t all that great compared to other vehicles in the same class. It offers about 14 mpg on city roads and around 20 mpg on highways.

4. The Standard model has features such as four speaker stereo, power seats and windows, and cruise control.

5. The extra optional features include parking sensors, climate control, sunroof and leather upholstery.

6. ABS, traction control, air bags and stability control are some of the standard safety features.

Advantages Of 2010 Mercury Mountaineer

1. The power offered by the Mercury is remarkable and easily beats out, the Ford Explorer or Toyota Highlander. It is comfortable to drive while pulling heavy loads. Even while climbing, mountain paths or rural roads, there is no problem with the vehicle. The V8 engine also enhances the power.

2. It is a very reliable car that can be used in almost any situations. There will never be any worries about malfunction or engine trouble. All parts and components used are of top notch quality.

3. The interiors are very spacious. The extra third row is not a cramped space, but offers a very comfortable seating experience. This is a refreshing change from other cars that offer this feature as an afterthought.

4. The look of the car is very unique and stylish. Especially the front part and fender have its own flair that is very distinct from others. It doesn’t just look like a truck, but more like a car that can be used for any occasion.


1. Mercury could definitely have done a better job with the interiors of this car. Though spacious, the upholstery has a very cheap and common look.
2. Fuel efficiency is not that great. But then again, considering the power it puts out, the best mileage can’t really be expected.

Overall, it is a really good car for those who will need towing and hauling. The engine and essential parts of the car are of excellent caliber. Interiors can always be modified by the owner. All in all, a winner by Mercury.

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