Alfa Romeo 147 – A Must Have


When one hears the automobile Alfa Romeo 147, the words that often come to mind are luxury, comfort and style. The Italian made compact car has been in the market for over ten years, from 2000 to 2010. This makes it one of the oldest sold small family cars in Europe and most of the times reliable.

The Sleek Stylish Alfa Romeo 147

It boasts of a fuel capacity of between 1.6 liter and 3.2 liter petrol engine for its different versions and 1.9 liter diesel engine. The Alfa Romeo 147 was designed by Walter de Silver and Wolfgang Eggar and its style later revamped in 2004. Since then, the automobile has worn numerous styling awards. It comes in a variety of colors such as silver, white, red, grey and black which are very sleek colors as is shown in the link below.

Alfa Romeo 147 Interior  Alfa Romeo Spider

From the pictures, one can see how the interior of the Alfa Romeo 147 looks comfortable to the eyes. The seats of the automobile seem like they are hugging their passengers in a relaxed mode every time they occupy them. The Alfa Romeo 147 comes with a unique design at the bumper area, a feature which sets this car apart from the rest. It suits both genders as it comes in both, what are normally considered ‘boyish’ and ‘girlish’ colors. This car just compliments its owner in many different ways.

The Alfa Romeo 147 has high performance version like the 147 GTA which was launched in 2002. The model boasts of a 3.2V6 engine and goes up to speeds of 246 km/h. Also, the body was widened to be able to accommodate 225/45R17 tires. This is definitely an added advantage to the purchaser. In that same year a total of 5,029 models were manufactured in this version.

The Alfa Romeo 147 got nominated for various style awards and won twenty seven of them. The awards include The European Car of the Year in 2001, Das Goldene Lenkrad (“The golden steering wheel”, BILD amSONNTAG – Germany) in 2000, Auto Europa 1 (Panel of engineers, drivers and journalists headed by Auto Build – Germany) in 2001, Trophees du design (Automobile Magazine – France) in 2000 and Carro Importado do Ano no Brasil – (Brazil Import car of the year) in 2002.

The Alfa Romeo 147 is a very safe car. It provides protection to the driver plus his/her passengers and also ensures safety to your child when they are on board. The automobile has a frontal impact seat belt for the driver and a frontal impact seat belt for the passengers. Available also in the Alfa Romeo 147 is the driver frontal airbag and the front passenger frontal airbag.

Alfa Romeo 147

The automobile also has installed in it, other safety equipment such as the side body airbags, the side head airbags and the driver knee airbag. The driver is also further cushioned with more protection of his/her life in case of an accident, as the manufactures has the driver seat installed with a side impact seat belt.

In the light of the above, it is safe to conclude that the Alfa Romeo 147 is a sleek, luxurious and stylish car that compliments the driver. It has been around the market for over ten years and is a trusted brand. The Alfa Romeo 147 is also very safe, ensuring protection of the owner and the passengers’ lives.

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