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Audi A1 Sport Updated Looks


Audi A1 Sport is going to be the next successful hit for the market of 2013 with the new market segment for Audi. The new A1 is already issued to get the five-star rating for the new car with advanced features. The new features for the supermini is inspirited the new A1 that launched in British track.

The engine is going to be the 1.6 TDI that approved as the bestselling engine for the standard car for UK market. The new trends on the sales are started with the lower price on the first debut like the new Audi A1 Sport. The focus of the redesigned face is to get the more driving experience for the class of small car.

The new terms that fit for the new Audi A1 Sport is the new standard of solidity. The new elements of design that combined with quality for the features of small hatches are a good trend to come with big engine. The standard power of 1.6 TDi is mated to the new gearbox for the positive shift in the sports action. You can also read 2013 Nissan 370 in this site.

Audi A1 Sport

Audi A1 Sport White

Audi A1 Sport Cocpit

More Images of Audi A1 Sport :

The new performance is adapted the soft steering wheel for the more comfortable A1 as one of the big model car for the next market. The new target of the gas mileage is to get the new standard of the decent economy fuel management with the more eco friendly emissions output for Audi A1 Sport.

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