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One of the great Nissan-built cars whish are going to come in 2013 is without doubt 2013 Nissan 370Z. This unit will come as a compact coupe and coming as one, two seats will be available in this Nissan. Offering two seats, this unit will also come with a great design and a strong 3.7L version of V6 engine. The coupe itself will require gas as the fuel and the […]

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2013 Peugeot 301 finally released the new coupe and sedan after a success of the debut with the hatchback for 2012 market. The new 301 hoped to be the next bright debut for the next show in Paris Motor Show to be the small car with the advanced power train and renewed design. The designers was once aimed the new 2013 Peugeot 301 to be the next market lineup for […]

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One of the cars that we must try to drive in 2013 is probably the quite small 2013 Seat Mii Vibora Negra. This car will come with a design that involves two lines crossing the car from the front to the rear part of the upper body. The design will also involve stunning black wheels which is quite representative to the car’s name. Basically, the car’s name can be translated […]

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2012 Buick Verano MPG is the most wanted car for about 5 years in the top list and it has the great number for sales and beat Cadillac from 2007 market. The compact and small car shaped as a new coupe is a great choice for a city vehicle that begins its debut in 2010. The new Verano still use the accents of the Buick lineup to get into the […]

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2013 Bentley Continental GT is the latest arrival of the GT’s second generation model for a real sports car. The updated engine gives it a higher power with 616 hp for the 2013 Continental GT with the variant of Speed ready for the Goodwood Festival. The festival was a great show that presenting the ultimate Speed for the best cars. The released of the pre production of the 2013 Bentley […]

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2012 Suzuki S-Cross Concept is about the Crossover concept car that can be found on the motor show in Paris. So, this is about the nice and excellent concept of car with the new styling which can always make you feel great when you choose it. This car also gets the new development with the Aerodynamic style, and this is the new segment of stylish car for you. So, if […]

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When talking about a great Lamborghini midsize SUV that is due to release in 2015, it’s definitely 2015 Lamborghini Urus. This midsize SUV will come in a greatly stunning design that offers a great deal of capacity, as well as elegance. The design involves a rather bulky body that looks like that which is usually applied to coupes. The design of 2015 Lamborghini Urus will also involve an appealing door […]

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