BMW 525 TDS for Your Touring Activities


People who want to get access to a good vehicle for their touring activities may need BMW 525 TDS. This BMW car is quite good and it proves great for any kinds of touring. The great feat itself is thanks to the range of great features available in the car. The features, of course, involve many things and the first one to note is without doubt its engine.

The engine used in BMW 525 TDS is an in-line 6 cylinders engine. It’s a front engine and it produces a quite tremendous amount of power as the car runs. With the power produced, the engine can allow the car to reach a 199 km/h or 123 mph top speed. The car itself needs 11.6 seconds to speed up to 62 mph.

The engine itself will be powered by fuel contained in a tank with a capacity of 80.0 liters. In addition, complementing the engine, a manual 5 speeds transmission is also installed in BMW 525 TDS. The transmission itself will be paired with an RWD drivetrain. You can also read Autobianchi A 112 in this site.


BMW 525 TDS Specs


Apart from the technical details, this car is also a quite capacious car that can accommodate five people since five seats are available in the car. In addition, the car also has five doors making BMW 525 TDS a great car to refer to when trying to go on a touring activity.

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