BMW i8 Coupe as an Exotic Hybrid Coupe


Those with liking on BMW’s coupes must consider BMW i8 Coupe one of the best coupes the company has ever made. The coupe comes with a great design involving an aerodynamic body line and a vent located its nose. Aside from the aerodynamic design, however, the coupe also comes with great machinery as well.

The great machinery of BMW i8 Coupe itself involves a 1.5 L 3 cylinders gasoline engine that is capable of propelling tremendous power. The power itself covers a number of 354 horse powers that is strong enough to bring the coupe to accelerate to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds.

In addition to speeding up considerable quickly, being a hybrid coupe, BMW i8 Coupe can also run with electric power only. The electric power, however, will only allow the coupe to reach a distance between 20 to 30 miles. You can also read 2014 Audi TT Coupe in this site.

BMW i8 Coupe

BMW i8 Coupe Release Date

BMW i8 Coupe Engine

Aside from presenting great performance, the coupe also offers gullwing doors that involve glass panels located on the lower and upper surfaces. Offering gullwing doors and an aerodynamic body, the coupe itself comes as a 2+2 coupe type. BMW i8 Coupe is without doubt an incredible 2+2 coupe we and all people must consider to test-driving at least once.

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