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Chevrolet Stingray 2012 the Supercar


Chevrolet Stingray 2012 is gorgeous car which designed as like supercar. This car is very elegant with unique design as like robot car. Silver metallic with black scheme offers luxurious accent on this car. New materials are used to make this supercar body such as magnesium, aluminum, and carbon fiber to increase great performance of this supercar designed by Chevrolet.

Although the Chevrolet Stingray 2012 is made of metal, this supercar is lightweight car. So that’s why the appearance doesn’t reduce the speed performance of the car. This car is designed with elite curve on several part of the car especially on each corner of the car body.

As sport car, Chevrolet Stingray 2012 is featured with 5.5 liter V8 engine. This engine can reach up to 440 horsepower. This kind of sport car is very energetic for fun driving, trip, or even racing. The best thing that comes with this super car is the design is very suitable to increase the speed of performance. You can also read Nissan Murano 2013.

Chevrolet Stingray 2012

Chevrolet Stingray 2012 Release Date

Chevrolet Stingray 2012 Concept

The height of Chevrolet Stingray is shorter enough than standard coupe car. No wonder that it looks almost like racing car. The driver is intentionally expected to join the aerodynamic of this supercar when they run together on the road. Chevrolet Stingray 2012 involves delightful scheme on the entire body part representing muscular sport car look.

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