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Features And Variants Of Noble M12


Just like is the case with M10, Noble M12 is a two-seat, two door model. It was originally designed as both a convertible and coupe. All M12s are powered using modified twin-turbocharged Ford Duratec V6 engines. They have a steel frame, fiberglass (G.R.P.) composite clam shell body parts, and full steel roll cage. Although this model looks more tracks derived, noble m12 is street-legal, ready for use on both road and track. The model eliminates the anti-roll bars on M10, allowing for a more comfortable feel.

Noble M12 Car

History and US Production of Noble M12

The history of M12 cuts through 4 models of Noble cars. The M400 is cited as the ultimate version of the M12, and it is then followed by M12 GTO-3R. Only M400s and 220 Noble GTO-3Rs were imported into the US. As such, they are the only Noble models that are available in the American car market today. U.S.A production right to M400s and M12s were sold in Feb 2007 to IG Racing (now Rossion Automotive) based in Ohio. Due to huge demand of these cars in the market, Rossion automotive manufactured its own improved model based on M400 and named it Rossion Q1. Another car manufacturing company that has produced an improved model based on M12 is Salica Cars 1 with its Salica GTR and Salica GT.

Noble M12 Engine

M12 Price and Performance

In 2000, GTO-3R threatened to turn the already established and stable supercar market on its head. With its impressive mix of race-bred dynamics, scorching performance, and immaculate build quality, M12 price was only a price of what its rivals were charging. The press hailed and raved M12 and as a result, its demand skyrocketed as more and more Buyers saw their own British-designed model, as a great alternative to imported cars that were going to double Noble m12 price. Noble M12 GTO was fixed with a 2.50L V6 engine using bi-turbochargers and gave out 310bhp. This was sufficient for this model to accelerate from 0mph to 60mph in just 3.90 seconds and 100mph in 9.40 seconds. As though this is not already fast enough, on the onset of 2003, Noble upgraded power by replacing the 2.50L unit with 3.0L V6 engine, and maintained the Bi-turbochargers. This time it was able to produce 352bhp.

Latest Derivative of M12

The two models currently in the range are M12 GTO-3R and Noble M12 GTO-3. Both these models use similar underpinnings and engines, but they come with significant differences in terms of refinement, styling and transmissions. The GTO-3 is the latest model in this range with a current list price of about £47,950.00. As with the GTO-3R model, it has a compound body with a space frame chassis that provide impressive levels of tensions and structural rigidity. Inside its cabin, GTO-3R is sufficiently spacious to hold people over 6 feet in height and has great ergonomics, steering columns, adjustable seats, Alcantara trim, and a wholly trimmed safety roll cage.

Price and Distinguishing features of Noble M12 GTO-3R and GTO-3

Retailing at a price tag of of £49,950, M12 GTO 3R is visually identifiable from GTO-3. It has a faired in, Double, twin-xenon headlights. Another distinguishing mark is its Noble designed 10-spoke alloy wheels. From the inside, GTO-3R has additional noise insulation and a whole leather trim standard. Apart from these differences, the key factor that sets these two models apart is the all-new, Quaife automatic Troque Biasing Differential and Getrag-Ford, 6-speed gearbox. This enhances its attractiveness as both relaxed and high speed GT. M12 GTC, the only convertible variant was once shown at motor shows, but it was later cancelled. In fact, Noble never manufactured it. However, in 2008, Salica Cars Proposed and later manufactured Salica GTC, that offered both a whole car and a conversion kit designed to transform M12/400 Coupe into convertibles.

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