HSV Maloo With Brilliance And Excellent Performance


The combination of a coupe and a utility vehicle seems like impossibility. Thanks to the brilliance from HSV maloo, this is now a reality. This coupe utility is a performance car from Holden Special Vehicles. Since 1990, this amazing car has been in production and has stood the test of time. It is a dazzling automobile that features high performance body kits and powerful V8 engine. For a pickup truck, this is very powerful and brilliant at the same time. Seven years ago, Maloo Z series broke the world record for the fastest pickup and beat its predecessor by 40 mph.

The Evolution of The HSV Maloo

The VG series was the flagship model for HSV Maloo. This model dawned large rims and body kit. Furthermore, a powerful 5-liter V8 engine gave this vehicle its power. In the 1990’s this was a remarkable step considering such powerful engines were in smaller sports vehicles. 2 years later, the VP series was unveiled. The significant changes made were a finer interior and a front metal sheet. It still maintained the 5-liter engine. However, the engine was upgraded to a whopping 248-horse power. This was a big deal considering the shape, design and manufacturer of the vehicle.

HSV Maloo

At the millennium, the VU series was unveiled with pomp and excitement. Unveiling of the VU series brought the curtain down on a decade of the VS series. This version featured a powerful 5.7-liter V8 engine, producing 342-horse power. Changes on the back were also significant. This model of the HSV maloo now features a sturdy back cover. In addition, the raised rear wing gave more space and larger view. The Y series hit the market in 2002 and it came with its own benefits. You could now enjoy air conditioning as well as a new more advanced braking system. The sleek exterior and rims remained a standard feature.

The 2005 Z series of the HSV Maloo

The 2005 Z series was released with a better and bigger engine. The 6.0-liter V8 engine is a real blast. In addition to a new engine, the Z series also introduces 19-inch rims. Other technological advancements included traction control and a new rear suspension. The brilliance in the creation of HSV Maloo is astonishing. The year 2007 saw the release of the E series. It now featured a massive 6.2-liter V8 engine. The introduction of linear control and electronic stability control made this car even more popular. This led to the release of two more models of the HSV Maloo.

More advanced features of the HSV maloo

The series 2 features an upgraded double clutch plate. This makes your shifting smoother, easier and faster. The rims and body kit looked better than before. In 2010, the Series 3 was released. However, there are no many changes in its looks. The interior now features leather padding and satellite navigation.

You cannot go wrong with this vehicle. You get exactly what you need from a car that looks good, sporty and most importantly is versatile. The various changes only refine and make this a more pleasant car that ever before. The HSV maloo is indeed one of the most versatile, powerful and stylish cars in its class.

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