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Koenigsegg Ccx-r Made In Sweden, Made In Style


Koenigsegg ccx-r is the kind of car made with so much style and grace that it should be taken, literally, as a piece of artwork. Founded by Christian von Koenigsegg in 1994, the company has grown into a reputable name in just a few years.  Koeningsegg ccr appeared in 2004 and it was bound to break records – and what a record! With 806 in horsepower and reaching 241 mph, this ambitious Swedish product outran McLaren. However, the record was to be broken again, by Bugatti Veyron, which reached 253 mph in November 2005.

Koenigsegg ccx-r – Bound to Originality

The name of the car, Koenigsegg ccx-r, comes from “Competition Coupe X”, and the “X” stands for the roman number “10”, a way to celebrate a decade since the first Koenigsegg car. Koenigsegg ccx-r is a more environmentally friendly version of the original Koenigsegg ccx, as it uses E85, E100 ethanol fuel and standard 98 octane petrol. This version required several modifications made to the original car, such as different fuel injectors, fuel lines and piston rings.  Due to the great cooling properties of the ethanol, Koenigsegg ccx-r’s power gets up to 1,018 PS at 700 rpm. The downside is the fact that Koenigsegg ccx-r burns more fuel than its older “sibling”, Koenigsegg ccx.

Koenigsegg CCXR

In 2009, Koenigsegg ccx-r was voted among the first 10 most beautiful cars by the Forbes magazine, and not without reason. By just looking at this car, you will see BEAUTY and TECHNOLOGY blending naturally. By driving it, you will feel its acceleration going up to 100 kmph in 3.1 seconds and up to 200 kmph in 8.9 seconds. Its 1280 kg (2821 lbs) are pulled with a ratio of 1.26 kg/ hp and its weight distribution is 45% in the front and 55% in the back.  Koenigsegg ccx’s engine is made out of aluminum, while the material of its chasis is from carbon fiber and the wheels made from the same material are optional (they are also 3 kg/ 6.6 lbs lighter than the forged alloy ones). The variants for this car are Koenigsegg ccx-r, Koenigsegg ccx and ccx-r Edition and Koenigsegg ccx-r Trevita.

Koenigsegg ccx-r – Nature- friendly and Strong

The best part about Koenigsegg ccx-r is the fact that, as mentioned before, it runs on both ethanol fuels and gasoline, making it perfect for everyone: eco-friends or not. Beauty and power come together naturally in this Swedish car and tests show that it can easily compete with Bugatti Venyon and Chevrolet Corvette Z06.
How about its price? Well, let’s just say it is probably among the top most expensive cars in the world. Is it worth the price? It depends on what you are looking for. If you want something original, purely European, outstandingly gorgeous and incredibly powerful (especially taking into consideration the fact that it runs on bio-fuel) , then this might be the car of your dreams.

After breaking the record in 2004 with ccr, Koenigsegg ccx-r managed to break the market again, with the first sports car to actually be “green”. Its clearly stylish design and extremely good performance makes it one of the most wanted cars in the world: the kind of car you may actually day-dream about driving. If speed runs through your veins, but if you want to take care of the environment as well, this car will fulfill all your desires!

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