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Lancia Delta: A Compact Luxury Car


Lancia Delta is a compact luxury car made by the Italian manufacturer Lancia. The first generation ran between 1979 and 1994, and the second generation ran until 1999. The third generation Delta began production in 2008. First displayed in the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1979, the car is best known for its domination in the World Rally Championship.

Timeline of Lancia Delta

First ever Lancia Delta was a five-door hatchback released in the late 1970’s. For many years, it was regarded as one of the most contemporary and stylish cars of Europe, even winning the European Car of the Year in 1980.

Lancia Delta 2008

Most famous Lancia Delta model was the Delta HF Integrale, a four-wheel drive with a powerful turbocharged engine. It is well-known for winning over 46 World Rally Championships and six Constructors Championships. Many other improved versions appeared over the years, including the Integrale 8v and Evoluzione.

Saab-Lancia 600 is a cross-company Lancia Delta, sold by Saab after negotiations with Lancia. This car was developed because Saab lacked the finances to produce a line of completely new models, instead looking to partner up with other companies. Like many of the company’s other models, this Lancia Delta was a front-wheel drive and hatchback, built well for rallying. It earned a Car of the Year award in 1980, but unfortunately was only sold in Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Lancia Delta HPE

Second generation of Lancia Delta began production in 1993. A successor to the original Delta, Nuova Delta was aimed for customers who had more interest in comfort over performance and power. It came as either a three- or five-door hatchback, with a five-speed manual transmission. Delta was dropped by Lancia in 1999.

In September 2006, Lancia announced the third generation of Deltas, thus bringing back a revival of the famed brand. New cars were to be built on the Fiat C platform, and the new HPE concept was unveiled at the 63rd Venice International Film Festival.

At the 2010 North American International Auto Show, a new version of the Delta, promoted under Chrysler, who works in part with Fiat, was revealed for a potential release in the U.S. New Delta offers various new features, including a Bose radio equipped with a CD player and a mount for smartphones to read music. Also installed is a satellite navigation system.

Lancia Delta

New Delta also comes with a driving assistant, to promote more safety. System works with a sensor camera that keeps track of the car’s movements, and if it senses an emergency, car will automatically adjust by steering the car in the appropriate direction.

In addition, current Delta exteriors have been redesigned; they now include a sleek arched roof that rests directly on top of the rear window. Delta Momo has unique features such as a twin chrome exhaust, glossy black tailgate, and two-tone finishes.

Lancia Company has come a long way from its first generation of Deltas. Although the spotlight has turned away from rallying and more towards the consumer market, Lancia Delta continues to be a worthy car with an impressive history.

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