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Land Rover LR4 Review And Specification


If you fancy cars, then you must have realized that the Land Rover LR4 is an unbeatable brand out there. Regardless of your location and the nature of the terrain, the LR4 is a smart vehicle. It is a perfect complement of the present day lifestyle.

Land Rover LR4: Basic Highlights

A lot of good things have been said about this make. It assumes modern features which include:

  1. It has a gas-engine type.
  2. It uses premium unleaded fuel and its fuel tank has a capacity of 22.8 gallons.
  3. It is an SUV car.
  4. It is a 6-speed shift able automatic car.
  5. It has a total seating for five.
  6. It is a four wheel drive make.

Land Rover LR4

Exterior Features

The model is one of those car models that offer a wide variety of colors to choose from. It has up to 16 exterior color options to choose from. Other exterior features that are of interest include:

  • Width – 75.4 inches
  • Length – 190 inches
  • Front track – 63.2 inches
  • The base of the wheel – 113.6 inches
  • Height – 72.5 inches
  • The rear track – 63.5 inches
  • Null tires and alloy wheels

From these specifications, it is evident that this car is a perfect make for great people.

Interior Features

The interior part of this car is amazing and it has wonderful features that you will hardly enjoy in other vehicles. According to reviews from those who have used it, the interior features are what attracted most individuals to buy the car. Let us have a look at some of the outstanding interior features of the LR4

  • The front headroom – 40.4 inches
  • The front shoulder room – 59.2 inches
  • The front and rear leg rooms – 42.4 inches and 37.6 inches respectively.
  • Its rear shoulder room measures 59 inches.

Lr4’s Engine Performance

The engine of this car is of good performance. Provided that it is maintained and used as recommended, the user will be sure to derive satisfaction from this car. Its base engine size is 5.0 L. In addition, it uses V8 cylinders – an attribute that qualifies it as a top notch vehicle. Its valve timing is variable – a feature that cannot easily be enjoyed in most cars. It has up to 36 valves.


When deciding the model of a car to buy, there are a lot of features that we should take into consideration. The suspension of a Car will add up towards the selection of the best car. Lr4’s notable suspension features include:

  • A 4-wheel independent suspension
  • A double wishbone front and rear suspension
  • Rear and front stabilizer bar
  • Instrumentation and Entertainment

This is a modern car! In that case, you will find all the modern instrumentation features which include:

  1. A clock.
  2. A low – fuel warning device.
  3. A tachometer.
  4. Temperature display (external display).
  5. A compass.
  6. A trip computer.
  7. A sub-woofer.
  8. A 380 watt stereo output.
  9. A total of 11 speakers.
  10. A radio data mechanism.


Even though this article may not exhaust all features of this car, the features that have been captured are enough to add meaning to our understanding of this car. It is equipped with all the essentials that guarantee comfort while travelling. For you to exploit what the designer of this model has for you, make an effort of buying it. You will never regret spending money on this vehicle!

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