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History And Resurgence Of Marcos LM600 Sports Car


I am writing this post about Marcos LM600 Sports Car which is arguably one of the most beautiful, creative, and sophisticated sports cars in the world. Designed and created by the British car manufacturer Marcos, the LM600 has managed to win over car enthusiasts around the world, and helped Marcos gain its status in history as one of the world’s leading sports car manufacturers.

Do you know this about Marcos?

Marcos was a company started by founders Frank Costin and Jem Marsh. The company began in 1959 in Dolgellau, North Wales. Although there were many vehicles designed in the Marcos production that came before it, the LM600 was one piece of machinery that stood out.

LM600 was apart of the Marcos Mantara series that began in 1992. It was a series that came after the Marcos Mantula, but had a number of similarities and differences. The LM600 operated with 6 litre V8, while the Mantula operated with a 3.5 litre V8. The LM600 was not the first model created in the series, but many consider it to be one of the best. The LM400 and LM500 were also created. These three models were not originally made for racing, and were only specialized models made for the road in limited quantities. However, even though there have only been a few made, expert enthusiasts believe it’s possible to convert the earlier LM400 and LM500 models into the remarkable LM600.

Marcos LM600 Sports Car

Experience Of Marcos LM600 Sports Car

When most drivers first get a glimpse of the Marcos LM600, they’re taken aback by the ostentatious design. However, once inside the vehicle, a driver will start to realize why the LM600 is such an amazing car. The vehicle is very sleek, and has an odd hood design. However, all of it’s features are what makes it so fast and aerodynamic. Drivers will notice that the vehicle seems to hug the road. It handles well, and does an amazing job at making quick turns. Race car drivers will appreciate the response and control the LM600 possesses.

Marcos Car

What drivers says about this car?

Cor Euser, a well-known Dutch race car driver, recently put the Marcos LM600 on the map once again. Euser has raced in a number of major races around the world. However, recently Euser was a challenger at the Dutch Supercar Challenge and the FIA GT Championship series. Both of these series are some of the biggest racing series operating in the world. Various makes and models are allowed to compete on the same track at the same time. Heroically, in 2002, Cor Euser participated and won the FIA GT Championship. Not only did he win then, but he also won again in 2004. In 2009, which marked 50 years since Jem Marsh and Frank Costin came together to form Marcos, the LM600 was once again driven by Cor Euser. And once again, Euser and the Marcos LM600 won the race.

As you can see, through the many years of Marcos, the LM600 has been able to sustain itself as a remarkable vehicle. To this day, many race car drivers, and sports car enthusiasts can’t help but admire the hard work that was put into the amazing Marcos LM600. Image Source.

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