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Noble M600: A British Supercar


Noble Automotive had introduced a hand built British super car in Leicestershire under the name of Nobel M600. A twin turbo charged Volvo V8 engine is used in this vehicle made from carbon fiber and stainless steel.

Noble M600 Transmission And Engine

The power of 4439 cc 60-degree Yamaha-derived Volvo B8444S V8 engine used in this vehicle from Nobel has been increased by equipping it with twin Garrett turbochargers. This feature has enabled the users of this vehicle to choose the road settings and the power of the engine of their vehicle according to their requirement. They can choose settings from 450 BHP, 456 PS and 336 kW with 0.6 bar pressure road setting, 550 BHP, 558 PS and 410 kW with 0.8 bar Track setting and 650 BHP, 659PS and 485 kW with 1.0 bar Race setting through a switch in the interior of their vehicle. Injector Dynamics ID725’s, 9.50:1 compression ratio and electronic fuel injection through a Motec M600 are the other features of the engine of this car. The RPM redline of this automobile is set at 7000 by using transaxle six-speed manual gearbox from Oerlikon Graziano. The superb engine of the car churns out a whopping amount of power to make the car a Rockstar on the road.

Noble M600


Nobel had priced M600 for UK at nearly 300,000 pounds, whereas in the USA it is about $450,000 due to excessive cost for left hand drive models.

Noble M600 Engine


M600 from Nobel Automobiles attains the speed of 1-60 mph or 0-97 Kmph within 3.2 seconds and 1-100 mph or 0-161 kmph in just 6.5 seconds. In only 29.8 seconds it can reach from 0-200 mph or 0-322 kmph speed. The estimated top speed of this car is 225 mph. The standing quarter mile performance is 11 seconds, whereas km is 19.9 seconds. Its fuel capacity is 68 liters and power to weight performance is 541 BHP/ton.

Pros and cons

It is very easy to lock the wheels of this vehicle from Nobel even with no ABS. Its brakes hardly help, even being assisted by Servo. According to John Barker, the motoring journalist, the door mirrors of this vehicle obstruct the view while trying to anything coming from back. According to him, one cannot look for right hand turns because the mirror of the driver’s door obstructs the vision.

The car was considerably praised during British motoring show Top Gear when it was driven 3 times, once by Jeremy Clarkson, the host and secondly by Stig, the racing driver of the show, who took it around the tack of Top Gear and beat the Bugatti Veyron and the Pagani Zonda F Roadster at compression ratios of 1:17.7 on a cold day. The left-hand drive version of the car was driven by Richard Hammond, the co-host, through Italy one month later when its clutch failed due to the damage to the gearbox caused by clutch material. Richard Hammond has also driven another car sent by the team of Nobel and beat the lap time set by Stig, the racer of the show. Though this car could not reach its top speed in the American adaptation show because the vehicle was stopped at 215 mph due to lack of space on the test runway but it received considerable praise.

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