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Renault Duster Is The Revamped Indian Version Of Dacia Duster


Renault Duster is a relatively new compact SUV and an essentially affordable urban SUV, where the comfort of a sedan meets the sturdy power of an off-roader. The automotive manufacturer has made no compromises in terms of both the safety of the driver and passengers and their comfort. Available for the general public since 2012, this SUV is offered with either two-wheel or four-wheel drive and as opposed to Dacia Duster which is mounted on Nissan B0 platform, the Indian version is built on Dacia Logan platform. Renault Duster is the Indian version of Dacia Duster, which has not only been revamped, but also adapted to the specific needs of the Indian market. Renault Duster 4×4 was launched in India in March, 2013 and it is based on Nissan s all-wheel drive system.

Renault Duster Variants

There are currently ten variants on the market, out of which eight are diesel variants and two are petrol variants. Renault Duster 85PS Diesel RxL and 110 PS Diesel RXZ, the latter being also the most expensive of all the variants, come optionally with media navigation system, for an intelligent way to drive. Regardless of the chosen variant, this SUV is a compact and safe vehicle which is also very affordable when compared with other SUVs with the same features that are currently available on the market.

Its competitive boot capacity, which can reach up 475 dm3, depending on a specific variant, which can accommodate five adults in full comfort, its impressive compact dimensions and its wide array of passive and active features certainly add up to the aesthetically appealing and innovative design. In addition to its remarkable versatility, functionality and aesthetics, the fact that it is also very affordable has made this vehicle one of the most popular SUVs among vehicle owners and it has earned critical acclaim ( 27 awards to date), including the coveted award “SUV of the Year”.

Renault Duster Renault Duster SUV

Renault Duster Design and Specs

Renault Duster is designed to meet each individual needs of a driver. For those looking for a reassuring, higher driving position, and the two-wheel drive version is perfect, while those looking for a more versatile version should opt for the four-wheel drive. The body style of this Urban SUV is a 5-door wagon. The diesel front-engine is available in two different transmissions, which are 5-speed manual and 6-speed manual. Its elevated ground clearance of 205 mm makes it perfectly compatible for both smooth city drives and uneven, rough terrains. For extra off-roading abilities, both its underside and the suspension system have been made stronger and sturdier.

Renault Duster has a length of 4.31 meters, while its width is 1.82 meters. This 4×4 comes with standard safety features such as central locking, engine immobilizer as well as with highly advanced safety features including stability control module, three-point seat belts with load limiters, two air-bags, anti-lock brake system and electronic brake-force distribution with emergency brake assist. The interior of the variants ranges from classic black fabric upholstery to leather upholstery, including premium leather, 3D embossed fabric and trendy beige fabric. In terms of body color, it is available in 6 luxuriant colors. As far as fuel economy is concerned, for diesel 85PS the fuel economy is around 20.45 km/l, under standard test conditions, for diesel 110 PS the fuel economy is 19.01 km/l and for gasoline, the fuel economy is 13.24 km/l.

The Media Nav combines a high-end navigation system with advanced communication and entertainment console.

The upcoming variants in India include Renault Duster AT, most likely offered with the diesel trims of the Duster and probably with next generations of this highly affordable vehicle in the near future.

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