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Mercury can be described as a name that is applied to a diverse series of cars sold by division of Ford Motor Company. The automobiles were in the market since 1967 to 2002. Cougar shared a number of forums with the Ford models such as Thunderbird, Mustang and Mondeo/Contour. It was a very important part of the company’s image for several years. Advertisers normally identified dealers using “at the sign of the cat”. This is where female models appeared holding big cats that had leased in various ads in the 1970s. The car has gone through different generations that include:

Mercury Cougar Convertible

Mercury Cougar First Generation

This was the introduction stage that happened from 1967 to 1970 that saw the introduction of a pony car. It was slotted between the Ford Mustang and Thunderbird. This was the performance icon for a number of decades.

2nd generation

This occurred from 1971 to 1973. At this time Mercury was restyled. It resulted in a model that weighed less and had a longer wheelbase than the previous version. The front end also came with 4 headlights that were exposed as the disappearing ones were done away with.

Mercury Cougar Interior

3rd generation

At this point (1974 to 1976) the Cougar was transformed from its original Mustang pony car into a new platform presenting the market with a luxury personal car. It was twinned with the Ford, Elite and also shared a chassis with the larger Ford Torino/Mercury Montego. The wheelbase increased to 114 inches.

4th generation

From 1977 to 1979 radical marketing changes took place in the immediate lineup. This mostly focused under the skin as the mechanical changes were minimal. The name Montego was dis- continued and all the cars were known as the Cougars. They were now cougar sedans that came with opera windows, station wagon and lower line base coupe.

5th generation

This happened from 1980 to 1982. At this point, the cougar was downsized to 108”. Base coupe and sedan were also dropped, but the XR- 7 remained. Opera windows on the other hand became optional. The wipers were not hidden and the cougar frames were used around the windows.

6th generation

From 1983 to 1988 the Mercury buyers got a better product after the station wagon and sedan models were face-lifted and then moved to Marquis nameplate. It came with a new aerodynamic body, although it still retained its chassis.

7th generation

This happened between 1989 to 1977 where it entered with a new chassis and body. Nothing was carried over, other than the engine and badging. From 1988 only 6 parts were carried over. This made use of a larger chassis (MN12). It also offered better leg room and other great features that the market loved.

8th generation

Being the last generation for Mercury, Ford started to redesign the Probe that was discontinued. Because of some marketing reasons, the name Probe was dropped and Cougar continued with a re-designed car. This was the models first sport compact that was introduced ever since its inception.

In 1967, Mercury was campaigned for to enter the Trans AM series as a sports car by NASCAR Bud Moore a race car builder being driven by Dan Gurney, David Pearson, Parnelli Jones and Peter Revson who were superstar caliber drivers. It has also appeared on “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” a James Bond Movie.

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