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Volkswagen Polo: Everything You Wanted To Know About It


If you are a fun of Volkswagen cars you are bound to like the new Volkswagen Polo. This super-mini car comes with DSG transmission for quick transmission. Its 1.4 liter engine that is twin-charged gives you better ride and handling. It is built with body-hugging seats and sufficient room. Its interior and exterior looks depict a top-notch quality car. The automatics for the dual clutch of Volkswagen polo are bound to make it sell more than the manual only versions from Volkswagen. With a shift from the traditional manual gearbox that is operated manually to a dual-clutch that shift quickly, the super-mini car presents better performance than the previous car models from this manufacturer. This feature makes it the quickest this super-mini car one of the quickest models in its class.

Volkswagen Polo Features:

Volkswagen Polo focuses not only on the fun aspect, but also on the fuel economy. It comes with a 1.4 liter turbocharged engine that has a cylinder deactivation capability. The deactivation system is called ACT in VW-speak and it is applicable in a wide array of engine’s swath. VW says that the car’s engine operates smoothly and quietly in the two-cylinder mode and in the four pistons astir. The car has paddles or shifter mounted on its steering wheels that can be used for intervention because it shifts gears automatically.

Volkswagen Polo Volkswagen Polo BlueGT 2013

The new tailpipes, spectacular 17-inch wheels and badges on the rear and front make the exterior of this care easily identifiable. It comes with styling elements that makes distinguishing it from the Golf GTI challenging. Volkswagen Polo is a good model for enthusiasts who want a car with unique build quality. Comfort levels in the interior are high. It has sufficient legroom in the rear part. This makes it a suitable model for people traveling long distances. Four adults can use the car comfortably. It is well-insulated to keep noise from the engine away.

Volkswagen Polo Interiors

Perhaps, the cabin of this car is what makes it outshine other cars in its class. It comes with a hugging body, a unique styling, tartan seats that are highly supportive, top-shelf assortment made of plastic, and a steering wheel that has been flat-bottomed. These features make this mini car feel like the larger car model in its interior.

Volkswagen Polo comes with standard features such as the climate control feature that has been automated, driving lights for use during the day, a touch screen media control feature that measures 6.5 inch, music and phone, auto-dimming mirror for rear view, capability for music streaming via Bluetooth, auto-sensing wipers and headlamps and 17-inch wheels made of alloy.

Volkswagen Polo car is certainly a solid automobile with a confident composure. It has improved under-body aerodynamics. It gives you a fun drive and with accurate driving, it maintains a strong braking system. The Sport auto mode of this car holds shift points to a higher rev range. The dual-exhaust pipes also make it a good sport car. Generally, Volkswagen Polo is a good car for people who want a car they can use to lazy around in the city, have fun and also drive long distances.

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